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Herbalife Nutrition Reveals that 97% of Thais Strive for Healthier Breakfasts; But Decisions Are Based on Convenience

Herbalife Nutrition Reveals that 97% of Thais Strive for Healthier Breakfasts; But Decisions Are Based on Convenience

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Herbalife Nutrition, a premier global nutrition company whose purpose is to make the world healthier and happier, recently released the results of its Asia Pacific Healthy Breakfast Survey 2019. Conducted in March this year with 5,506 respondents, including 501 from Thailand, the survey covered Australia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.

The survey, revealing consumers’ attitudes and habits towards breakfast, showed that almost all Thais (97%) strive to consume healthier breakfast options. Thailand is ranked number one for this, together with Vietnam and Indonesia. While Thai consumers understand the benefits of a healthy breakfast, and would like to consume a healthier breakfast, 58% still make breakfast decisions based on convenience, ahead of health benefits (56%) and nutritional value (41%).
This year, the survey uncovered the typical local breakfast combinations that consumers opt for, the factors influencing these decisions, as well as their views of what makes up a healthier breakfast combination.
Coffee and Eggs - Typical Breakfast Combination
Based on the survey findings, majority of Thai consumers consider that “coffee and eggs” is the breakfast that they would typically go for. This was the same answer given by participants from Australia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and Taiwan. Hongkongers and Indonesians prefer “tea and eggs” while the Vietnamese choose “coffee and bread bun” as the top combination.
Convenience – The Top Influencing Factor for Consumers’ Choice of Breakfast
On the reasons that influenced their typical breakfast choices, Thai consumers highlighted the following as their top five considerations:

• Convenience (71%)
• Tastiness (45%)
• Healthy (44%)
• Cost-effectiveness (42%)
• Nutritious (29%)

When it comes to their preferred location to consume breakfast:

• 68% prefer to consume breakfast at home
• 13% would consume it at work
• 10% would consume it on-the-go
• 7% would stop at a nearby eatery and consume it there

Once compared traditional breakfast and ideal breakfast, only 27% of Thais consider that their typical breakfast is very healthy, while only 34% find their ideal breakfast very healthy. This demonstrates that Thai consumers have room to improve their daily breakfast to benefit their health.

Thai consumers may not be fully aware of the ideal nutritional make-up for breakfast because the response shows that their top healthier breakfast combinations are Milk and Eggs (29%), Soy Milk and Rice (28%) and Soy Milk and Eggs (28%). There is a noticeable lack of fiber and vitamin content, which when consumed in appropriate amounts at breakfast, can benefit the digestive process and metabolism.
Amount of time Thais are willing to spend to prepare healthy breakfast:
• Less than 5 minutes (7%)
• 5-10 minutes (25%)
• 10-15 minutes (24%)
• 15-20 minutes (15%)
• More than 30 minutes (7%)

Moreover, 89% of those surveyed are aware that having energy in the morning is the top benefit of a healthy breakfast, and 54% consider that it contributes to health and well-being. However, 44% feel that this is only possible when they have easy access to healthy breakfast options.

Mr Suphot added, “Today, most Thais prefer to have their breakfast at home, but unfortunately, they are always in a hurry in the morning. Herbalife Nutrition aims to help people improve their general health by giving them convenient options for breakfast that will fit their lifestyle. There are healthy choices that are easy to prepare, convenient, delicious and nutritious which could improve their performance and support their well-being throughout the day.”

“Eating a healthy breakfast should be a daily habit. For example, we can include Herbalife Nutrition Formula 1 in our breakfast plan, so we get optimum nutrients as well as balanced energy to meet our daily needs. While continually improving on our current products, Herbalife Nutrition has invested in new products that make it really easy for consumers to enjoy a tasty, healthy and nutritious breakfast every day,” concluded Mr. Suphot.

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